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Combustion in Gasifier

Combustion in Gasifier
Combustion in Gasifier
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Gasification is a process of partial combustion & reduction which converts solid combustible material into Gaseous fuel. Thus gasified fuel can be transported to user point and can be burnt efficiently. It is a Thermo - Chemical Conversion. The equipment used for this process is called Gasifier. The Gasifier is extensively used for bio-mass and coal gasification.


The economical advantages over the cost of liquid fuels have made this technology more attractive for industrial purpose particularly for direct combustion applications. Due to Low level of pollution particularly air pollution when using bio-mass as fuel has made this technology more environment friendly towards Green house gases .


For thermal applications, the technology has been well proven and gasifier systems are already working in numerous applications. The capacity installed so far covers a wide range of applications at different segments. The techno-economic Gasifier range is starts from 900 KW (t) to 9000 KW(t).




Gasification is a thermo - chemical process, which converts solid carbonaceous material / fuel into useful clean gaseous fuel called PRODUCER GAS. It is noteworthy that this technology has completed almost century of a proven use all over the world.


This technology has been approved by all the organization of the world like UNO, UNDP, DOE, USA, FAO, MNES of GOI and the concerned government agencies of every nation. Many under developed and developing countries have declared incentives to encourage the use of Renewable & Cleaner Technology for Energy Generation.


There are different types of gasifier working according to end use.


Up Draft Gasified :  For small and medium thermal applications.


Down Draft Gasifier :  For small power generation.  


Fluidized Bed Gasifier :  For more than 10MWth thermal application & big size power plant.


We are working with Up Draft Gasifier , which is suitable for small & medium thermal industrial applications.


Up-Draft Gasification technology is robust and ideal for adaptation of different types of fuel and not sensitive to different feed stock and also quality of fuel.




Combustion, Water gas, Water shift reaction, Bourdon reaction & Methane reaction etc.


After producing the producer gas, the gas is sent for further treatment for cleaning depending on end use. Our R&D department design different types of valves, ducting and burners according to application. The accessories are self designed & manufactured to suit to different applications.




This is very efficient and universally accepted design especially for thermal applications. It replaces liquid fuel in equipments like kilns, dryers, boilers, furnaces etc. It accepts variety of solid fuels like steam coal, wood, charcoal, bio-coal (Briquette) etc.



Different zones inside the reactor (Gasifier) are clearly shown in the Top Side diagram.