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TPO/ XL (Thermoplastic Olefins/ Vulcanizates)

TPO/ XL (Thermoplastic Olefins/ Vulcanizates)
TPO/ XL (Thermoplastic Olefins/ Vulcanizates)
Product Description :
We manufacture superb performance Synoprene® TPO/ XL that is the blend of EPR or EPDM crossed link with PP in the desired ration. Our EPDM acts as a soft segment with rubber effects while PP hard segment having high bearing capacity offers high bearing capacity, high flexural fatigue and superb impact.
These Synoprene® TPO/ XL are elastomer which combine the processability of thermoplastic with the better performance features of convectional thermoset rubber. Our Synoprene® TPO / XL is the combination of EPR or EPDM cross linked with PP in the desired ration in which EPR acts as a soft segment with rubber effect while PP acts as a hard segment.
    * Light in Weight
    * Excellent Impact Strength
    * High Elastic Properties
    * High Flexural Fatigue Resistant
    * High Tear Strength
    * Abrasion Resistant
    * Excellent Weathering Properties
    * Chemical Resistant
    * Easy and Efficient Processing
    * Excellent Electrical Properties
Bumpers, Soft Nose Bumpers, Window Profiles & Seals, Protective Covers, Bellows
Electrical and Electronics
XLPE Cables, Welding Cable, Jacketing, High Frequency Cable, Power Communication Cables.
Hoses & Tubings, Pipes, Gas and Chemical Tubes, Petrol Tubes, Co-Extruded Spiral Hoses.
Medical & Hygiene
IV Set, Blood Bags, Urine Bags, Food Container Seals, Tooth brush grip Complying to FDA & USP standards