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Chlorine Gas Leak Detector

Chlorine Gas Leak Detector
Chlorine Gas Leak Detector
Product Description :

Method of Analysis:


Chlorine Gas Monitor (0-20PPM) utilizes unique micro-fuel to electro chemically measure the concentration of chlorine in a gas stream. The cell has an absolute zero and produces a linear output from the low parts per million (ppm) level through (0-20 ppm) chlorine. No zero gas is normally required and the instrument may be calibrated with air. However, where, calibration, it is recommended for use.




These sensor are micro fuel, designed top be maintenance free and stable for long periods. They use the technology that was pioneered with the original oxygen, which result in a direct response to volume concentration rather than partial pressure.


The central feature of the design is the gaseous diffusion barrier, which limits the flows of gas to the sensing electrode. The electrode is therefore able to react all target ga as it reaches its surfaces and still has electrochemical activity in reserve. This high activity reserve ensures long life of sensor and excellent temperature stability.

Control and operation:


Gases used for calibration from cylinder or pipeline should be at pressure and should be clean and dry.


Flow control needle Valve:


Flow control needle valve is used to set flow through the C12 monitor recommended flow is between 0.5 to 0.6 Lpm.