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Dies & Punches For Tablet Compression Machine
Dies & Punches For Tablet Compression Machine
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Pharmaceutical Machinery
2012-03-29 15:21:31
2013-12-31 00:00:00
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Dies and Punches for Tablet Compression Machine Types of Dies and Punches:- 1) Dies and Punches for Round Shape Tablet 2) Dies and Punches for Tablet with Hole- Polo Type Tablet 3) Dies and Punches for Odd Shape Tablet 4) Multi Tip Punches and Dies 5) Dies and Punches for Bolus / Slug Tablet 6) Types:- D, B,BB and DB Tooling 7) Dies and Punches can be supplied with NICKLE PLATING, PLASMA COATING on Request Outstanding Features:- 1) Punches and Dies are Made of OHNS Oil Hardened Non-shrinking Steel/ HCHC High carbon High chromium steel/ SS440C 2) Carefully matching of Material and Hardness 3) Ease in Fitting and Removal 4) Manufactured to the smallest tolerances. 5) High precision finish Benefits: 1) Longer life of Tooling hence less downtime for the machine 2) Punches and dies for continuous production 3) A better cost to output ratio Standard: 1) Dies and Punches as per Euro Standard/ TSM / IPT Standard Individual Engravings: 1) Bisects 2) Flat 3) Convex 4) Beveled 5) Logos Tooling Maintenance Kit can be supply on request.
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