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Corus Gas Volume Converter

Corus Gas Volume Converter
Corus Gas Volume Converter
Product Description :

We are one of the best dealer and domestic Supplier of ACD G10 – G16 Diaphragm Meter. We are the authorized dealer of Itron.




Corus is an electronic volume converter dedicated to commercial and industrial applications. It Converts the actual volume measured by the gas meter to reference conditions. Thus, CORUS is a key element in the whole Itron chain, from the meter to billing data. CORUS uses the measured working values of volume, pressure and temperature to provide:

> The converted volume

> The conversion factor

> The compressibility factor (several formulas available)

> A large database

> Pulse retransmission




The volume registered by the meter is converted to reference conditions using the formula:

Vb= Pm/pb Tb/Tm Zb/Zm Vm




Vm     unconverted volume registered by the meter

Vb      converted volume in reference (base) conditions

Tm      gas temperature in operating conditions

Tb       reference (base) temperature

Pm      gas pressure in operating conditions

Pb       reference (base) pressure

Zm      Compressibility factor in operating conditions

Zb       Compressibility factor in reference (base) condtions


CORUS is built in an IP65 enclosure, for wall or meter mounting. Thanks to its accurate piezo-resistive pressure sensor and its 4 wires PT1000 temperature probe, CORUS provides an accurate Conversion on the whole temperature range.

CORUS non-metrological firmware can be updated in the field without stopping operations and without breaking the metrological seals (MID). Its large integrated database can be customized to fit the customers’ needs. Revorded data and number records and be freely set.

CORUS is the base element of a complete and extremely flexible system, perfectly adaptable to the customer’s requirements:

> Consumption, Pressure, temperature monitoring through its large database for billing purposes

Monitoring functions for gas stations

>Remote reading solutions through PSTN, GSM, GPRS or TCP/IP with several integrated communication Protocols:

IEC-62056-21 (IEC-61107)






> T, PT, PTZ Gas Volume Converter

> Conforms to European Standard EN 12405 – 1 and EN 12405-1/ A1

> MIS approval

> ATEX approval for installation in hazardous area (Zone 0)

> Large integrated database

> Compressibility according to AGANX 19, S-GERG, AGA 8 ( gross or detailed methods) or table of Z

> RS 232 and optical port for local/ distant communication

> High accuracy on the whole temperature/ Pressure range

> Autonomous or external power supply

> Large graphic display

> Possibility to download new firmware in the field

> Internal optional slot for “EX”:

   PSTN Modem

   RS-485 ports (x2)

   2nd pressure sensor input


Technical Features




- Module B – T 10114 rev.1

- Module D – n0 LNE 13281 rev.0

Metrology: approval according to EN12405-1 and EN12405-1/A1 (European Standard)

ATEX: device of category 1 approved to be used in hazardous area zone 0, ia IIC T4 classification with internal PSTN modem)

CE marking : Compliant with 89/ 336/EEC (EMC), 94/9/EC (ATEX) and 2004/22/EC (MID Directive)


Temperature Sensor


Platinum PT 1000 (1000 Ω at 00 C) probe

Class A accuracy according to EN60751

Casing : Stainless steel tube for insertion into a thermowell (Ø 6 mm)

Cable Length: 2.5m or 0.8m


Pressure Sensor


Absolute pressure sensor designed for CORUS application ( gauge pressure Sensors available on request)

Sillicon piezo-resistive sensor

Overpressure up to 150% of Pmax

Available in 3 ranges:

- 0.9 to 10 bar absolute

- 3 to 30 bar absolute

- 7.2 to 80 bar absolute

Connection adapter: ¼ “ BSP (Gas) Male

Typical Accuracy: < 0.15 %rd over the whole pressure range


Volume Input


Dry contact, Passive LF Reed type switch

Maximum Frequency 2HZ

Programmable input pulse weight (0.001, 0.01, 0.0, 1, 10, 100)

Second LF input for coherence function

Associated tampering detection input

Cyble ® Sensor ATEX module




 Main formulas available:


- AGA8 Gross method 2

- AGA8 Detailed method

- AGANX 19

- AGANX 19 modified

- Table of Z (16 coefficients formula)

- Fixed Z (PT conversion)




According to EN12405, overall accuracy on conversion factor is better than + 0.5% at reference conditions and better than 1 % at rated operating condtions.

Typical accuracy better than + 0.2 %


Display and Keyboard


Graphic display

All Metrological data and alarm status available

Translatable Messages to any language

Specifics icons for application

Possibility to show graphs for P, T, Z, C, Qm, Qb, P2

5-Button Keyboard

Possibility to program main parameters by keyboard

Possibility to display the whole database


Digital Inputs ( On/Off1, On/Off2, Tamper)


Station Monitoring

Normally open or normally closed programmable status

Connection to any On/Off signal type (station door contact, safety valve position, pressure switch,..) in hazardous areas.


Digital Outputs


2 Digital, isolated outputs fully programmable as:

Unconverted volume pulse retransmission

Converted volume pulse retransmission

Alarm retransmission

4/20 mA output (through an external F/I “EX” Module)




The following alarms are managed by the CORUS:

Temperature (Min, Max, Sensor failure)

Pressure (Min, Max, Sensor Failure)

Conversion factor (Min, Max)

Unconverted and converted flow-rate (Min, Max)


Interval Consumption


On / Off 1 and On/ Off 2

External Power supply outage

Warning thresholds (T, P, P2)