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Mig Welding Torch

Mig Welding Torch
Mig Welding Torch
Product Description :

We offer an attractive range of Mig Welding Torch as per client require.


Type: Gas cooled HMP MIG welding torch

Current Rating: 400 Amp at 60% Duty cycle for co2 & 340 Amp at 60 % Duty cycle (At 40 400 C ambient and 10 min. cycle time) with Ar /co2 mixture

Length of Torch: 3m (min)

Torch Switch: Fully enclosed type spring leaf make and break for fail proof operation

Filler Wire mm: 0.8-1.6 (torch to be supplied fitted with 1.2 mm item)

Type of Cooling: Gas Cooled

Cable Construction: Integrated type duly armored with ball joints at the neck & wire feeder end protective, heat resistant outer covering for longer life.

Torch Adopter: EURO type with gold coated flexible pins for torch switch control cable

Neck Type: The torch neck small and 3600 swiveling to allow reach to narrow places without jeopardizing wire feed, current transfer and gas shield.

Conduit Tube for filer wire: The wire liner stiff and with low-friction to prevent undulated bends in the filer. Thick wire spiral and coated to prevent oxidation. The construction of the liner not bends or stretches when mounting in the torch. The wire liner is plastic coated to prevent gas flow towards wire to feeder.

Standards to which the welding torch conforms: The welding torch Ce marking indicating that the product complies with the standards for health, safety and consumer protection applied to the product.


List of consumable kit for gas cooled HMP MIG welding torch (optional)


1)     Contact tip (08, 1.2 & 1.6 mm Dia)

2)     Contact tip adaptor

3)     Nozzle

4)     Gas Diffuser

5)     Wire liner for 1.2 mm dia wire

6)     Switch assemble complete

7)     Set of “O” ring/insulator or any other items