Giant Bio Care Agro Pvt. Ltd.

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Giant Bio Care Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Giant Bio Care Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Giant Bio-Care was started in 2006 with two room and kitchen. Its first product was power liquid fertilizer. This product is very popular yet. This company is gradually progressive and today it is turn in to Giant Bio Care Agro Pvt. Ltd. Company has established a new plant. Today company has twenty product in pesticide company has three product in fertilizer. Now a day’s company is busy with new production change. Now company has vast field of verily in production. Today company is paying attention on quality, R&D and trying to satisfy its customers.


We, “Giant Bio Care Agro Pvt. Ltd.. ”, are reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Inorganic Industrial Chemicals, Fertilizers, and Adhesives, which are widely used in different applications. The range of our products includes Lunar - Acetamiprid (S.P) , Monocare – Monocrotophos (36% S.L) , Orbit – Profenophos (E.C), Orecle – Chloropyriphos (E.C), Ormida – Imidacloprid (S.L), Orphate – Acephate (S.P), Pediclean -(Pendimithalin), Power – Liquid fertilizer & Granules, Prothrin –( Profenophos + cyper), and Thiodin - Endosulfan.


Our motto is farmers should get best pesticide and fertilizer at cheaper prices. If farmers get good knowledge of technology they are get good production of crops.


Company’s Future Planning……….

1. We are going to start all new production of verities in pesticide

2. We are going to put all grade in fertilizers.

3. We are going to more research in hydroponic and open new horizons of farming. Today company has mastery over hydroponic method in farming (agriculture) due to hydroponic method farmers get 5 times more crop then before so in hydroponic method – less expense and more crop. Company has decided to go ahead in this project.


4. Company has decided to product each so everything which related to agriculture.

5. Company has decided to research in Dairy Udyog. 



Product Range……….

Lunar          –       Acetamiprid(S.P)   

Monocare   –       Monocrotophos (36% S.L)

Orbit            –       Profenophos (E.C) 

Orecle          –      Chloropyriphos (E.C)

 Ormida        –       Imidacloprid (S.L)

Orphate       –       Acephate (S.P)

Pendiclean  –       Pendimithalin

power          –      Liquid fertilizer & Granules

Prothrin     –         Profenophos + Cyper

Thiodin       –          Endosulfan


Quality Range……….

Our quality centric approach coupled with commitment to serve our clients in best possible manner enabled us to develop a quality management system. These are processed from high quality raw materials that are procured from reliable and authentic vendors. We follow an efficient quality control process for all of our products, starting from the procurement of top quality raw materials to the packaging of finished products.


Research & Development………..

Our research & development activities are the powerful strength that enables us to upgrade our production standards along with the products. We stick to all the business ethics and quality policies to ensure that we always meet the international standards. Our equipped and committed team of researchers conducts various surveys to recognize the market trends and changing requirements of the industry and incorporate them to increase efficiency and accuracy.


Client Satisfaction……….

Being a client oriented association we have shaped and directed our endeavors to achieve maximum client satisfaction. To provide our clients with the best, we have employed latest technology and qualified team of professionals who work in tandem as per client’s requirements. We strive to continue long associations with our valued customers and thus ensure that we provide the best.


Warehousing and Packaging………..

We have designed and developed a capacious warehouse for storing wide range of Inorganic Industrial Chemicals, Fertilizers, and Adhesives in a safe and organized manner. Our excellent storage capacity has enabled us to keep bulk stocks for a longer period of time for catering the clients' needs. Moreover, the team of enthusiastic storekeepers keeps a vigilant check on cleaning the area, protecting the products from contamination, maintaining a track of chemicals stored, and above all delivering the stocks on time for avoiding any inventory loss. Further, we have highly skilled packaging experts for packing the products using chemical specific material so that our chemicals and fertilizers are delivered without any damage to their properties.


Our Strengths……….


-Supreme quality bio fertilizers

-Modern manufacturing facility

-Client centric approach

-Market leading prices

-Timely Delivery