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FRP dome house

FRP dome house
FRP dome house
Product Description :

A few companies exist which produce dome shaped structures using materials such as concrete, granite, molded plastic and sheet metal, but has no comparison from the features listed above. A handful of companies manufacture molded fiberglass structures, but none has developed a system comparable to that of Domes, which offers interlocking double fiberglass panels containing thermal barrier inlays (polyurethane foam insulation and optional foil sandwiched between fiberglass layers) and multiple floor plans using modular components.

Several key features of the molded modular fiberglass structure make it uniquely suited for such applications, including:
  • No maintenance (the fiberglass panels used to construct the house require no painting and do not deteriorate from weather, rot, or insect infestation);
  • Lower heating and cooling cost (the fiberglass panels have insulation built into them and the dome shape reduces by thirty percent the cubic feet of interior air to be heated or cooled, resulting in a 28+ R-factor);
  • Structural strength (the curved surface of the panels reduces wind resistance, enabling the house to withstand straight-line winds of 140 miles per hour or more);
  • Quick construction (a fiberglass home can be assembled, erected in one or two days, and finished inside within a period of two or three weeks);
  • Earthquake resistance (the fiberglass panels flex instead of breaking);
  • Water resistance (the fiberglass structure is completely sealed from the ground up);
  • Portability (a fiberglass house can be easily disassembled and relocated to a new site).