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Rai Enterprises based at Baroda, Gujarat (INDIA) an industrial based city.

And Our City Baroda, which is in Gujarat State of the country is having 6 Industrial areas within the radius of 30 kms. This city has full engineering and industrial base having congenial and eco friendly atmosphere to produce products with precision and accuracy.



The total building area is 10,000 Sq Ft square feet and possesses  two factory sites:



and the other for Mold Making


Company Service


·         Creativity With Plastics

·         Rubber Replacement

·         Metal Replacement

·         Cost Efficiency

·         Projects from conceptual product design to finished goods manufacturing.

·         One-stop-shop service for all facets of Engineering Polymers.


Company Products


•  Processing Of All Exotic, Diverse & Difficult Engineering Polymers.

•  Mould Making




Production site consists of


Manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing technology.

Our manufacturing capacity and proven capabilities assure that every job meets your requirements. Whether you need millions of parts or thousands, we'll provide the experience, technology, quality control and personal service that you expect.


Rai Enterprises operates modern closed-loop microprocessor controlled molding machines to maintain precise molding parameters and uniform cycle times.


We have 05 plastic injection machines ranges from 50 ton to 250 ton, operating 7/24. We can arrange for long term production orders, or rapid production orders.


We handle molding projects includes:


·         Normal injection mold

·         Insert molding,

·         Over molding,

·         Multi-cavity molding


We also handle special molding projects such as


Plastic + UV materials

Plastic + glass fiber

Plastic +composite materials

Plastic + smell addictives

Corn starch / green Plastic

Color control (pantone/RAL/metal color/pearl color)


FDA grade material

UL grade material

Rohs Compliance


Mold Making


The mold making site equipped with

Milling #  EDM #  Lathe #  Surface Grinder other required machines.


We have  reliable network of vendors equipped with

High Speed CNC milling machines # CNC Wire Cut # CNC Lathe and Other required machines.


And having expertise to produce below types of Injection Mould Tools:


Family mold
Hot runner application
Insert mold
Multi-cavity mold
Over mold
Special mechanism,
Beryllium copper application
Special texture on mold surface
Special ejection method




Finishing and Assembly


We offer ranges of post-production service, such as sub-assembly and product surface finishing.


-SPRAY painting  # Screen printing
- Electroplating #  Polished textured surface #  Grain surface
- ULTRA Sonic welding
- Manual assembly  # Blister packing/Spongy packing
- Chromate Anode ionization # Hot stamping  # Gluing Label #  Sticker


Value-add Sevice


For client's convenience, we also provide value-adding service to fast track your project, our value-adding service includes:


Testing and inspection

For some country, there are exporting standard for  products. We can design and produce product to meet the standard and also obtain certification for direct exportation.


Logistic arrangement

We arrange delivery in any types (FOB, CIF, express courier etc); we can handle all the shipping and Custom documents for you.





Harish Rai ( Cell #.: + 91 9426368213)


Founder of company Harish Rai a plastics technologist with over 23 Years of rich experience in demanding Plastics Industries with a strong team of experienced engineers of rich experiences in various range of technologies in plastic engineering field.

Job entails :

·         Design and Tool Room


Mr.Suresh Kori

·         Production


Miss. Priya

·         Quality Control


Mr. Dayanand Trivedi (Cell #.: + 91 9429112540)

Job entails :

·         Sales Operations

·         Customer Care and Co-ordination

·         Procurement and Sourcing

·         Logistics



Rai Enterprises employs total 20 members. We have 2 teams of engineers for Processing and Tool Room specializing in Processing, Product Design, Tool Design and Project Management, who are ready to assist our valued customers


Competitive Advantage


What made Rai Enterprises different?


Our knowledge in Processing


Rai Enterprises is specializes in processing diverse, difficult and exotic polymers.

We also handle FDA grade material ,UL grade material & Rohs Compliance


Rai Enterprises operates modern closed-loop microprocessor controlled molding machines to maintain precise molding parameters and uniform cycle times. Adherence to documented process conditions and employee training are evident in the parts we produce. We mold tens of thousands, to tens of millions of parts per year for our customers


Mold maintenance is a priority at Rai Enterprises. Molds are inspected during and after each production run to identify any necessary maintenance requirements to be completed prior to the next scheduled run.


Our knowledge in tool making


Our team consists of professional mold designers and tool making experts, we are confident to deliver the best quality mold.

All our engineers are well trained and specified in plastic knowledge, we can provide innovative solutions for our clients.

Our factory and Our associates have wide range of tools and technology to support the operation.


Authentic Project management


² In today's highly competitive and global marketplace, we recognize the need to provide quality, cost effective  solutions delivered on time and to budget.

² We discuss at the earliest stages of the project the finished part requirements to provide the best possible tooling and molding solutions.

² a single point of contact for our clients.

² Flexibility and attention to detail enable us to fully control the mould tool development cycle to finished parts.

² Undertake sampling in the chosen material prior to delivery of tooling or moldings to our client.

² Personal service has ensured that we continually exceed the needs of our clients using our Project Management service.

² Project management system, which meet different types of customers' demands and product characteristics.

² Excellent efficiency on projects our production lead time is minimized.

² Frequent communications with clients, customer can track and control project     status.

² Online project tracking system is under development, which helps clients keep updating the project status.


Quality control

Ø  We have a well established quality system. And follows Society of the Plastics Industry standard.

Ø  We guarantee mold and molded components life and provide maintenance for domestic molds.

Ø  Our Injection molding is with 5 PPM.

Ø  Our molds can maintain high precision



ü  We provide one-stop solution, helps clients from design to product manufacturing

ü  We have production fleet which operate 7/24; so can provide rapid production cycle for specific orders.

ü  Our production lead time is steady and predictable, which suitable for just-in-time manufacturing


ü  We help clients for optimizing their productivity and reduce the production cost by redesign the mold.


Our Satisfied Customers:

·         Refron Valves Ltd. (Inox Group) ( Valves for Freon Gas)

·         Tushar Trans Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (Electrical CT Components)

·         Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. Unit- Indian Rayon. (Custom made polymer products)

·         ONGC ( Earth quick cable connectors)

·         FAG India (Ancillary polymer products of Machines

·         Godrej & Boyce Ltd. (Ancillary polymer products of Machines)

·         Baroda Polyforms Pvt. Ltd. (Storage tang threaded fittings)

·         Reinhardt Rotomachines Pvt.Ltd. (Custom Made polymer products)

·         Gunnebo India Ltd. (Custom made Polymer products)

·         Altop Labs Pvt.Ltd. (Cosmetic Packaging)

·         Multi Pack Systems Pvt.Ltd. (FDA Polymer Products)

·         Control Dynamics ( Electrical Switches Polymer Components)

·         Genus Infra Structure Ltd. ( Electronics Meters)

·         CT Electronics Ltd. ( Picture Tubes Of Television )

·         Henning  Motors India Pvt Ltd. ( Henning Gmbh ) ( Washing machine pu Parts)



Client Area

We have clients in a diverse range of industry sectors including medical devices, industrial products, automotive, consumer products and packaging including Point of Sale.